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    Senior Journey Specialist


It is important to get to know the senior residential community and how to best meet the needs of their everyday operations, keeping in mind that this is the resident's home. To assist individuals find the best senior care facilities during the difficult journey families face who need memory care or senior living. Dedicated to family, faith, Work, honesty & integrity. Assisting Communities with state compliance. My surveys have been excellent, and my training of new staff helps build a senior community for the staff and residents for good relationships.

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Assisting families in how to chose the right community based on their loved one and finances. One-on-one meetings with families. Helping families with placement through a well known & trusted referral counselor. Experienced Administrator and Executive Director seasoned for Interim, I am cooperative and patient. Available as an experienced Senior Living Administrator and Executive Director working with Assisted Living, RCF, and Memory Care providing the communities with team-building, and financial diligence to be successful.  Survey-Ready training in community of systems based on state guidelines.


I stay in a senior living community to get to know all staff, all hours of day and night, and the residents who need assistance. (It is also less cost to the senior living company, and eliminates the need for hotels, and mileage.) I offer compassion and assistance with tasks that can be difficult and overwhelming to families of seniors. I am experienced in requirement evaluations and also have extensive Social Services background, so I can help with catch-up work when needed for Medicare compliance.

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Incident reports, Medication Errors, Interim Service Plans, TSP, Alert charting notes, Medication Administration Records audits, LABS follow-up, Progress notes audit, Resident Weight Issues, 3rd party documentation to adhere to coordination of care, QI-updates, and/or Quality Measurements, Move-move out notices documentation, Service plans/Care, Plans for all resident services to adhere to payment of needed care, Appropriate Diets for all residents, Review Community Disclosure Statement upon move-ins, Trainer in Memory Care with staff when caregiving. Knowledge & experience in skilled care for social services in MDS protocol and assessments

How Do I Help Individuals?

Researching appropriate senior living options on your behalf. I will take care of all of the time-consuming research tasks, like phone calls to appropriate facilities for your needs. We'll make inspections and schedule tours of a possible placement for you, all at no cost to you or your family members. Yes! That is correct... the referral is a no cost service for families and seniors.

Questions You Will Have

Whether the community is well-managed? Is the facility staffed for the type of care my loved one needs? What are the core philosophy behind the care? What kind of reviews does it have? What kind of insurance does it accept? What are the living quarters like? Does it offer activities my loved one will enjoy? Is the environment one in which my loved one will feel comfortable, safe, respected, happy, and cared for?

I can help you make a very complicated process very simple. Call today for a FREE Consultation ... Margaret Schreiber-Wise at (541) 543-0476 and we'll begin the senior journey to solutions together!

Senior LivingThings You'll Want to Know

As a professional referral service experienced in hands-on placements for aging seniors, I already know and work with many of the senior living options to explore based on your specific health and living-style needs:

  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Intermediate & Skilled Nursing Care Facilities
  • Memory Care Facilities (Dementia & Alzheimer's)
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Adult Care Homes

Typically elder/senior living facilities can vary in size from less than 5 beds to more than 200 beds. The smaller facilities are generally located in residential home-type setting. They offer and provide care, supervision and assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing and grooming for seniors. They may also provide incidental medical services under special care plans.